A Comprehensive Guide to Eyelash Extensions

Lash extensions are a simple approach to quickly upgrade your eyes and give you beautiful lashes without requiring mascara. There are a few distinct choices open to you with regards to picking your lash extensions. They can be custom fitted to give you the look you’re after through picking the Curl, length, and thickness of the lashes.

While considering lash extensions, it’s truly useful to comprehend the various choices accessible to you. Like that, you can pick lashes that give you the specific look you’re expecting. Your Dream Lashes and Brows of Mt Pleasant professional will constantly be glad to examine the best lash extension for your ideal look.

Here we take you through the five fundamental kinds of lash extensions and how they contrast from one another. We likewise guide you through your choices with regards to the Curl, volume, and thickness of your lash extensions.

Various Sorts of Eyelash Extensions

1.  Classic Individual Eyelash Extensions

The most famous kind of lash extension must be  Classic individual eyelash extensions, which are additionally the most normal sort. With these extensions, individual lashes are applied to your own normal eyelashes. For every normal eyelash you have, a synthetic lash is applied.

Classic individual eyelash extensions, similar to every one of the various kinds of lash extensions, can be tweaked in view of the Curl, thickness, and length of the lashes. You can get familiar with this underneath.

These are the most famous kind of lash extensions, as they give a characteristic look that can be dialed up or dialed down relying upon the inclination of the person. These lashes make the impact of a characteristic mascara look, without putting on cosmetics.

Long-lasting lashes

2. Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid lashes consolidate the classic lash extensions with the Russian Volume lash extension. Here, a few normal lashes will have one individual lash added, and some will have various utilizing the fan strategy.

This is where the masterfulness of your specific specialist truly matters – hybrid lashes ought to be modified to improve your regular magnificence. The outcome is a delightful and exceptional lash style that gives you more opportunity than if you somehow managed to utilize a solitary style.

The most straightforward methodology for half and half lashes is to utilize individual lashes to make the structure for the general look. Then, at that point, Russian Volume lashes would fill in any normally happening holes, and add a padded and denser look.

Hybrid lashes extensions are more adaptable than picking classic lashes or Russian Volume lashes. You can foster your own look and style substantially more effectively by utilizing a blend of the two.

3. Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

Russian Volume lashes bring the power, with a striking hope to upgrade the eyes. Volume lashes make a more obscure lash line which gives the impact of eyeliner, without the work!

Instead of applying one synthetic lash for each normal lash, numerous singular lashes are utilized. A fan design is applied, utilizing truly superlight and superfine lashes, to give a beautifully thick and rich arrangement of lashes.

With Russian Volume lashes you can expect a padded look that makes your eyes stick out. Russian Volume is especially great on the off chance that you don’t have reliable and equitably molded normal lashes. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you’re after a more regular look, classic eyelash extensions would be more reasonable.

4. Infill Lash Extensions 

Infill lash extensions are individual lashes or fans that fill the holes in your lash extensions – whether that be work of art, mixture, or volume lashes. A great many people top up their lashes with an infill around half a month subsequent to getting their extensions.

As we clarify in our total aide for lash extensions, lash extensions are durable however they aren’t long-lasting. You normally shed and regrow eyelashes in a cycle. It’s vital to take note of that this is certainly not a uniform cycle – a portion of your lash extensions will go before others.

How quick the development of your regular lashes are will decide the way that quick your normal eyelashes shed. Everybody’s eyelash cycle is unique, so certain individuals will find they will require an infill at about fourteen days and some at 3 or a month.

The consequence of this shedding can be inconsistent and lopsided eyelashes. With infill lash extensions, new individual lashes are applied to the new eyelashes which have developed since, taking consistency and delicious profundity back to your look.

eyelash extensions

5. Ellipse Eyelash Extensions

Ellipse eyelash extensions allude to the state of the foundation of the extension, which is oval. With classic extensions, the base is round. With a Ellipse lash, the base is complementary and more oval-molded.

By and by this implies that you get a somewhat more extensive lash without adding any weight to the singular lash. This gives the presence of thicker and more full lashes which seem hazier.

Eyelash Curl, Thickness and Length

You and your lash professional will likewise have to conclude the Curl, thickness and length of the synthetic lashes utilized. It’s useful to have a reference image of the look that you might want to accomplish.

These decisions will decide your general look and assist you with accomplishing the style you need. Your Dream Lashes and Brows of Mt Pleasant professional will actually want to propose master proposals to accomplish the look you want.


The lash Curl alludes to the bend or bend of the singular lash extensions. This is characterized by letters. 

C is the most well known Curl picked and gives a marginally overstated however regular lift to your lashes. C works for most people, regardless of whether you don’t know what look you need to go for. D and DD are a more characterized Curl, giving an exceptionally impressive and striking look.

Nonetheless, there’s likewise a couple of different Curls to specify. J is an extraordinary choice for clients who need an extremely regular look – it’s very wispy and subtle. LC is a decent decision on the off chance that you have normally exceptionally straight lashes which are long. Assuming you have descending lashes, LC extensions can assist with making the style change you’re searching for.


With regards to the thickness of your lash extensions, you want to consider the last look that you’re later. For classic lashes, 0.10, 0.12, and 0.15 thickness extensions are generally utilized. For volume lashes, 0.03, 0.05, and 0.07 extensions are generally utilized. It’s memorable that the better the lash, the more full and fluffier your full set can be made.

Toward the start of your arrangement, you ought to converse with your excellence expert to figure out what Curl and thickness would be ideal to make your ideal look.

Assuming you’re reserving with us, you will not need to stress over your lash experts experience. Our expert lash specialists are all profoundly knowledgeable about working with a wide range of lash extensions. Anything that your ideal look, our experts will actually want to encourage you on the best lashes to use, as well as the thickness.


We suggest that you pick lashes which are somewhat longer than your normal lashes. A decent guideline is to pick lashes up to 2-3 mm longer than your own normal lashes. For the vast majority, this implies picking lashes which are 8-12 mm long.

eyelash extensions

Remember that our lash experts are exceptionally capable , and are loaded with perfect, dependable guidance. They will gladly examine which lash Curl, thickness and length is ideal for your regular lashes and the look you want.

What is ‘the lash cycle’?

We’ve addressed the lash cycle when we made sense of infills, however there’s a touch more you ought to realize about your lash cycle.

All of us are defenseless to lash shedding, it exactly happens when we arrive at the reestablishment phase of our lash cycle. Your normal eyelashes develop, experience and shed in a consistent cycle. As lash extensions are applied to your normal lashes, when your regular eyelashes shed the lash extension will fall with it. 

The typical individual has between 90-160 normal lashes for every upper eyelid, and by and large, we will normally shed 2-5 lashes each day. Along these lines, it’s well known to book an infill arrangement for close to 3 weeks after a full set.

What is ‘Lash Shedding Season’?

Likewise that creatures lose their weighty coats for the more sultry climate, we additionally shed our hair (counting our lashes) for the adjustment of temperatures to come.

Summer weather conditions can make a few clients’ skin sweat and produce more oils which will influence maintenance, and winter climate with its lower stickiness levels can make lashes become more weak and drop out simpler. In a standard lash shed cycle, we can lose up to 5-7 normal lashes each day, but this can increment emphatically in spring and pre-winter in anticipation of the temperature changes.

This’ alluded to as ‘lash shedding season’.  

Harvest time and spring lash shedding

Eyelash shedding season happens two times per year in spring and pre-winter when temperatures start to change. There is no way to forestall this and there is a compelling reason needed to stress as it is totally regular. 

Along these lines, you will find you are losing more eyelash extensions than expected as your lash cycle speeds up. Our experts would prescribe to abbreviate infill times around spring and fall.

Can Eyelash Extensions Harm your Normal Lashes?

Eyelash extensions don’t harm your regular eyelashes when they are applied appropriately. To forestall harming regular lashes, lash extensions ought to be painstakingly chosen (length and thickness) contingent upon the length and thickness of your normal lashes and applied accurately to one regular eyelash at that point.

Since eyelash extensions are applied each lash in turn to a solitary regular lash, the normal lash can openly go through the development cycle and in the long run shed with the extension joined to it. Wearing fitting eyelash extensions and following the exhorted aftercare doesn’t impact the development cycle or harm your normal eyelashes.

Does the sort of Lash Influence How Long it Endures?

The sort of lash that you pick, as a rule, doesn’t influence how long it endures. Notwithstanding, remember that while picking longer and thicker lashes, you are adding more weight to your regular lashes.

These heavier lashes may not keep going insofar as picking a lighter lash. Nonetheless, the cement utilized is no different for all lash extension types. This implies that your regular eyelash shedding rate decides how long your lashes will endure, as well as how you care for them.

All lash extensions commonly last about 1 month yet we suggest having infills done like clockwork, every 2-3 weeks, to keep your lashes looking astounding. In our total manual for eyelash extensions, we share with you our top aftercare tips to guarantee your lashes keep going to the extent that this would be possible.

Improve your regular lashes by booking lash extensions with one of our expert lash professionals at Dream Lashes and Brows of Mt Pleasant.

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