Eyelash Extensions


Individual eyelash extensions are a type of semi-permanent eyelash
extension that is applied to each natural lash on the eyelid.

It uses individual synthetic lashes, typically made from polyester, silk or
mink, which are applied one at a time to create longer and fuller

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eyelash extensions

Dream Classic Full Set

Full Set: 120 min | 2 Weeks Fill: 60 min | 3 Weeks Fill: 75 min |
4 Weeks Fill: 90 min

Classic lash extensions are an excellent way to enhance the look of your eyes. They can add length, thickness, and volume to your existing lashes, giving you a more vibrant, glamorous appearance. The process involves applying individual eyelashes to each of your own natural lashes with a semi-permanent adhesive. This creates an incredibly professional lash extension that is both effortless and beautiful.

Our experienced technicians will ensure that your extensions look flawless, creating an eye-catching look that lasts for weeks at a time. Schedule an appointment today to experience the amazing transformation of classic lash extensions! Classic lash extensions are a safe and effective way to obtain beautiful results with minimal upkeep.

Dream Wet Look Lash Extensions

Full Set: 120 min | 2 Weeks Fill: 60 min | 3 Weeks Fill: 75 min |
4 Weeks Fill: 90 min

Wet-look lash extensions, characterized by “mascara effect” and natural-looking sets of eyelashes, have quickly become a beauty trend that many makeup lovers are taking advantage of. Unlike traditional eyelash extensions, this method involves using narrow and nearly closed-volume fans to create a “wet” look.

The result is beautiful and eye-catching lashes that resemble a soft, glossy, and natural finish. One of the greatest benefits of wet-look extensions is that they create a more dramatic look than classic lashes without sacrificing comfort or safety. The lightweight fans are gentle on natural lashes.

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Dream Hybrid Full Set

Full Set: 150 min | 2 Weeks Fill: 75 min | 3 Weeks Fill: 90 min |
4 Weeks Fill: 105 min

A hybrid eyelash set creates a look that is both natural and glamorous. The combination of classic and volume styles ensures that the lash extensions are not too heavy, but also dramatic enough to provide stunning results. The softness and flexibility of the fan lashes used in hybrid sets prevent any sharpness or discomfort, allowing you to enjoy your beautiful lashes without any pain or irritation.

With a hybrid set, you can achieve the desired length and thickness while still keeping your natural lashes looking healthy and strong! Not only that, but you can customize your hybrid lash look to suit your individual style and preferences. Whether you want dramatic and bold or subtle and soft, the combination of classic and volume makes it possible.

Dream Volume Full Set

Full Set: 150 min | 2 Weeks Fill: 75 min | 3 Weeks Fill: 90 min |
4 Weeks Fill: 105 min

Volume eyelash extensions are ideal for those wishing to achieve a thicker, fuller look. Rather than applying one extension per natural lash, multiple extensions are applied to each lash in order to create more volume. The application volume lashes creates a structured yet voluminous appearance. For those looking to achieve a dramatic look, volume lash extensions are an excellent option.

At our salon we use only premium quality lashes that resembles mink and applied with precision to give you the desired effect. Our experienced technicians will work with you to determine the best volume set for your individual needs and desired look. 

With careful application and maintenance, you will leave with beautiful, long-lasting volume eyelash extensions. The health of your lashes is always a priority at our salon: we take care to use the safest products and tools available to ensure a comfortable experience for all of our clients.

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Dream Kim K "Wispy Effect" Lash Extensions

Full Set: 120 min | 2 Weeks Fill: 75 min | 3 Weeks Fill: 90 min |
4 Weeks Fill: 105 min

Our Kim K “Wispy Effect” Lash Extensions offer a trendy and glamorous look inspired by the iconic Kim Kardashian. This set provides a mix of longer and shorter lashes, creating a wispy and fluttery effect that will make your eyes pop!

Our skilled lash artists will work with you to select the perfect length, thickness, and curl of lashes that complement your eye shape and natural beauty. Using a high-quality semi-permanent adhesive, we will attach each extension to a single natural lash, creating a seamless and full look. The mix of longer and shorter lashes creates a natural yet dramatic effect, similar to Kim K’s signature lash look.

At Dream Lashes and Brows, we believe in providing personalized and quality eyelash enhancement services that enhance your natural beauty. Book your Kim K “Wispy Effect” Lash Extensions appointment today and achieve the glamorous lash look you’ve been dreaming of!

The feathery texture of wispy lashes gives your eyes an extra boost of glamour with their delicate shape, making them ideal for a special occasion or night out. With wispy lashes, you can be sure that your eyes will stand out and look stunning! So don’t hesitate to try them out—you won’t regret it!

Dream Russian Volume Lash Extensions

Full Set: 150 min | 2 Weeks Fill: 75 min | 3 Weeks Fill: 90 min |
4 Weeks Fill: 105 min

Russian volume lashes are a great alternative to traditional false eyelashes, as they provide a full, dramatic look that can last for weeks. When applied correctly by an experienced technician, Russian Volume lashes can give you the dramatic look you’re aiming for.

Russian Volume Lashes give clients a glamourous look without sacrificing on comfort. Clients can achieve a dramatic eye look that is still light and airy. This volume technique adds more depth and dimension to the eyes. Russian Volume Lashes, which is also known as Russian Lashes or 5D – 10D lashes, was derived in Russia and which is a service that is now in high demand in many markets including the USA and Europe.

Eyelash extensions

This multi-lash layering technique involves adhering synthetic, ultra-fine lashes onto a single natural lash. The main benefit of Russian Volume Lashes is that it is a unique type of lash extension that creates a fuller and more voluminous look than traditional eyelash extensions.

At our lash salon, our technicians are highly trained and knowledgeable about the latest techniques in eyelash extensions. We use only premium-grade lashes that are lightweight and comfortable to wear. To ensure long-lasting results, we follow strict sterilization protocols and precise application methods. With proper care, your Russian volume lashes can last up to four weeks, so you can enjoy beautiful lashes. Whether you’re looking for a glamorous look for a special occasion or just want to enhance your natural beauty, Russian volume lashes are the perfect solution. Schedule an appointment today and discover the beauty of Russian volume lashes!

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