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Dina is wonderful at what she does! She truly is a professional. She has great customer service, and maintains such a clean and comfortable environment. As an esthetician myself, I know what high quality lash extensions look and feel like. Dina is so talented and puts so much care into her work! She pays attention to detail, she’s consistent and I can rely on my lashes turning out amazing every time. She never ceases to impress me- I’ve never had a better lash technician.


I recently had the pleasure of visiting Dream Lashes and Brows for an eyelash extension appointment, and I must say, I was extremely impressed!! From the moment I stepped inside, I could tell that cleanliness was a top priority. The staff was extremely polite and welcoming - Dina was amazing from the moment I walked in! I highly recommend this salon to anyone looking for a clean and welcoming beauty experience!


Dina is fantastic! I like a conservative look - like I have the best mascara on everyday, not extensions, and she always gets it right! Before moving to Charleston, I lived in NYC where I got eyelash extensions for 6 years and Dina does an even better job. I always look forward to my appointments and feel like my best self when I leave! I highly recommend Dina!


Dina please continue to be the kind and generous person you are. You do excellent lash work and you will prosper. I know, and I'm sure all of your clients know, how ethical of a person you are. You are amazing professionally and personally! I'm thankful I found you!


Dina is absolutely the best! She’s been doing my lashes for over 2 year now, and I won’t trust anyone else. My lashes look very natural and last for a long time. She is not only very professional but very personal. She makes sure you look your best. 💯 recommend!


satisfying result! 😍 lasted longer than expected, usually a month, but I had them for almost 2 months! 🤩the main thing is that the eyes do not hiss after the procedure, 😎 the best service, and a good companion 😉

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