Brow Henna

What is brow henna?

Brow henna is a natural semi-permanent eyebrow tinting treatment. It is an organic dye made from Henna leaves.

Brow henna allows you to shape and darken your eyebrows with the added bonus of lasting longer than traditional brow tints.
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Brow henna is an all-natural dye made from a mix of herbs and plants that can be used to tint the eyebrows and the results can last up to 2 -3 weeks! The color created by brow henna is much brighter and more vibrant than traditional tinting products, creating a beautiful, all-natural look that enhances the natural beauty of your brows. Additionally, because it’s made from natural ingredients, it’s much gentler on the skin than traditional tinting products and won’t cause any irritation or itching. So why not give brow henna a try and see for yourself just how great your eyebrows can look! You’ll be amazed at the results!

Our skilled technicians will work with you to choose the perfect shade of henna to complement your natural hair color and skin tone. You’ll love the natural, subtle enhancement that brow henna provides, and you’ll be amazed by how long it lasts – up to three weeks!

Don’t settle for sparse, uneven brows. Book your appointment for brow henna with Dream Lashes and Brows today and discover the power of this natural beauty treatment.

Henna Brows aftercare

  • Keep your brows dry and product-free for 24 hours to create the best skin stain
  • When cleansing your face, wipe around your brows to get the longest lasting stain
  • When swimming apply a little oil or barrier cream to your brows to stop the chlorine and salt from prematurely lightening your brows
  • Avoid scrubbing your henna’d brows with exfoliants
  • Avoid applying any resurfacing serums over your brows


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