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At Dream Lashes and Brows salon, we strive to provide our clients with top-notch lash and brow services that enhance their natural beauty. Our range of services includes lash extensions, lash lifts, brow lamination, lash bath, brow henna, and others. Our lash extensions are carefully applied by our skilled technicians to produce a natural-looking and customized result using only high-quality materials that are both long-lasting and safe for your natural lashes. We also offer lash lifts that curl your natural lashes to create the appearance of longer and fuller lashes without extensions. Our brow lamination service reshapes and lifts brows for a fuller and more defined look, while our brow henna service adds color and definition to your brows without daily makeup. At Dream Lashes and Brows, our passionate and professional team will work closely with you to achieve the look you desire. Come to see us and experience our exceptional service and results for yourself!

Beauty in the blink of an eye

Welcome to DREAM, the ultimate lash salon that brings out the beauty in the blink of an eye! At DREAM, we believe that every woman deserves to feel confident and beautiful. We know that no two clients are alike, and that’s why our skilled professionals take the time to understand your individual preferences and work with you to achieve the look you desire.

We go above and beyond to make sure that every client that walks through our doors feels welcome and comfortable. Our cozy and chic salon provides a tranquil and relaxing environment that makes you feel like you’re stepping into a dream world.

When it comes to enhancing your beauty, the eyes have it. They are the windows to your soul and the key to leaving a lasting impression. If you’re looking for a way to transform your look in the blink of an eye, come to DREAM for the best eyelash extensions in town. You’ll be delighted with the results and the confidence boost that comes with having perfect lashes!

Dina Abetova

The Creator

As the visionary behind “Dream Lashes and Brows of Mt. Pleasant,” my mission is to unleash your beauty potential. As a DREAM artist, I specialize in the art of facial beauty treatments, specifically in the creation and perfection of lashes and brows. With extensive knowledge and expertise in eyelash extensions, I have garnered the reputation as the go-to expert for flawless results.

At DREAM, we abide by four core principles: creativity, wellness, growth, and personalization. We recognize that each client is a unique individual with distinct beauty features. That’s why our approach is bespoke and detail-oriented to accentuate your natural beauty in a way that’s unique to you. As a lover of healthy living, my goal is to help you feel and look beautiful every day, inside and out. Let’s work together to turn your beauty dreams into reality.

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At our beauty salon nestled in the heart of Mt. Pleasant, SC, we offer an extensive range of services including: eyelash extensions services with a selection such as, Classic, Hybrid, Wetlook, Wispy, Volume, and Russian Volume Extensions; Lash Lift; Brow Lamination; Brow Henna; and more, aimed at amplifying your natural beauty.


Dina is wonderful at what she does! She truly is a professional. She has great customer service, and maintains such a clean and comfortable environment. As an esthetician myself, I know what high quality lash extensions look and feel like. Dina is so talented and puts so much care into her work! She pays attention to detail, she’s consistent and I can rely on my lashes turning out amazing every time. She never ceases to impress me- I’ve never had a better lash technician.


The absolute best esthetician for lashes! I see Dina and she never let’s me down! She know what I want and makes me feel comfortable. I love my lashes! The salon also has a cozy feeling. Very nice set up. Dina is the best around town. I would travel hours just for her!


I recently had the pleasure of visiting Dream Lashes and Brows for an eyelash extension appointment, and I must say, I was extremely impressed!! From the moment I stepped inside, I could tell that cleanliness was a top priority. The staff was extremely polite and welcoming – Dina was amazing from the moment I walked in! I highly recommend this salon to anyone looking for a clean and welcoming beauty experience!


Dina is fantastic! I like a conservative look – like I have the best mascara on everyday, not extensions, and she always gets it right! Before moving to Charleston, I lived in NYC where I got eyelash extensions for 6 years and Dina does an even better job. I always look forward to my appointments and feel like my best self when I leave! I highly recommend Dina!


After being disappointed with my eyebrow perm at a different salon, I was set on a mission for a better service. I really wanted something that would last longer to help me look and feel better. I was so happy when I heard about Dina from a friend and decided to come check her out. Fell in love with the brow lamination! She does an amazing job! Truly the best lash salon near me! Also, decided to try the eye lash lift and WOW, AMAZING. Give her a call, you wont be disappointed! Dina, you’ll forever have me as a customer. Thank you! See you soon!


Brow lamination



Welcome to our blog! Here at Dream Lashes & Brows, we are passionate about helping you enhance your natural beauty with our range of lash extension and lift, brow lamination, and henna services in around Charleston and Mt. Pleasant, SC. Through our blog, we aim to provide you with valuable insights, tips and advice to help you look and feel your best. Whether you’re looking to learn more about the latest lash and brow trends, discover the benefits of our services, or get expert advice on how to care for your lashes and brows, our blog has got you covered.


Welcome to Dream Lashes & Brows, your one-stop-shop for all things lashes and brows in around Charleston and Mt. Pleasant, SC! Our studio offers a range of services to help enhance your natural beauty, including lash extensions and lift, brow lamination, and henna.
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